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Jazz hats, straw hats gave way to a baseball cap

At present beanie cap the World Cup in South Africa who is the most red? Zheng Taishi. World Cup outside it? Fashion elite will say "sporty." Every Olympics, World Cup races this global popular hit, from the international to the local street T station, sports style must be the darling of the most fascinating. The news from the store in Shenzhen, as the representative of the baseball cap sports hat, just like the present to become a fashion NO .1. In O LE grace supermarket brand counters in Japan hat, on a fall and winter is the most common style beret, wool bonnet, the feminization of the cap and the Lei Feng caps. After the summer, sports, leisure hat into the mainstream. "Too much fire, and baseball caps are nearly sold out, and now nothing new era hats left to a few top-shelf, we are actively preparing a new shipment next week." Li said the brand leader, "had a summer this is the most popular style, Moreover, the catalyst is now the World Cup, many of the guests dressed in sporty vest is quite strong, mast T-shirt, bought a hat to wear to go direct. " NOVO store in Shenzhen City, Vientiane popular favorite lids counter the influx of people has always been known to sport casual hats. Clerk told the reporter, 5 since the end of early June, baseball MLB Hats, hats, and other truck sales rose very fast, "the best selling is simple style baseball cap, cap, color bias 'decadence', a simple pattern such as the Yankees LO GO or digital, or hole decoration, some guests to adjustable caps buy thirty-four time. In addition, many decorated with sequins, colorful patterns, gorgeous truck cap badge, young people are also very popular for wearing to the club to watch the game. "Mao Huaqiang sports floor industry, said a staff member, the original cap is dominated jazz" hat Forum "for several years, and in summer rise to a more popular version of straw, did not expect the World Cup a result, the limelight was a baseball cap soon They always steal. Sports hat baseball cap, etc. so why fire? Static cloud of well-known stylist, the World Cup tournament for sporty fashion accounts for much of the "cheap." "In fact, international T stage spring and summer, Chloe, Celine and other brands the most attractive element is the movement. Vests worn folded, oblique sports vests, beanie cap sports shorts, sport dresses long, long socks with high-heeled shoes, Rome ... ... These are the hottest sport this summer, the wind points. However, they are more or less some requirements on the body, and sturdy frame, elephant legs, and other basic is insulated. In contrast, baseball Monster Energy Hats hat, both can create a sporty appearance, let us look at the spirit of participation in the World Cup, can modified face, but also the way Zhuangnen, why not? "